Information Manipulation and Disorder Information

Information Manipulation and Disorder Information manipulation is done to weaken public opinion, trust, and information validity. This encompasses the use of both new (content service platforms) and classic (print) media to sow discord, divide trust, and spread confusion in communities. Malicious actors utilize MDM to disrupt and destroy national cohesion, causing chaos, confusion, and conflict. continue reading : Information Manipulation and Disorder Information

Hi Mum Scam

“hi mum” scam, a type of scam/fraud that impersonates a family member or friend asking for personal or financial information, which leads to a request for money for an urgent situation. By leveraging personal information available online, criminals have become professionals at scams and fraud. This information is frequently used to impersonate close relatives and continue reading : Hi Mum Scam

Online Banking Practices

Go over all of the privacy and policy information; Use unique and difficult-to-guess login information; Secure devices by installing anti-virus, firewall, and anti-spyware software; Update software and applications on a regular basis; Regularly check your account balance; Avoid accessing your account via an unsecured or public network; Check bank email correspondence; and If you suspect continue reading : Online Banking Practices


A Cyber-attack in which the threat actor poses as a trusted person or organization to trick potential victims into sharing personal sensitive information. How to avoid Phishing Scams Be suspicious of unsolicited messages asking for information; Do not share personal, account or financial information; Take advantage of default anti-phishing features on web browsers and mobile continue reading : PHISHING